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Horfield could fit quite snugly into any category. Straddling either side of the northern reaches of Gloucester Road, Horfield is a pleasant north Bristol suburb that is often overlooked by home hunters whose heads are turned by the more popular wards of Clifton, St Andrews, Cotham, Redland and Bishopston.

Which is a shame for those missing out, but a boon for the locals, who are left to enjoy the excellent parkland, great road access, wonderful pubs, impressive leisure facilities and fantastic range of property uninterrupted. 

Bordering Filton, Lockleaze and Ashley Down, Horfield’s boundaries are difficult to accurately define, but the sheer weight of attractions in and around the neighbourhood make it somewhere you should definitely investigate.

First, the negatives. The name ‘Horfield’ may raise a few guffaws among the less mature, and its etymology is hardly enrobed in roses. Meaning ‘Filthy open land’ in old English, today that’s an inaccurate description. The area is full of happy families, commuters appreciating the brilliant road access to the M32 and M4, students enjoying lower rents yet plenty of vibrancy, and young professionals able to save while still travel into the city centre with ease.

There are so many positives to living in Horfield that it is difficult to know where to start. The proximity to Southmead Hospital is handy, while Horfield Leisure centre is easily one of the city’s best. Then there is the presence of Bristol Rovers’ Memorial Ground and the Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground for sports lovers, brilliant parkland at Horfield Common for dog walkers and joggers, the nearby Eastgate Retail Park (complete with 24hr Tesco and IKEA) for families, a great range of large pubs for real ale aficionados, and some delightful independent stores on Gloucester Road for all and sundry.

Away from the main thoroughfares of Gloucester Road, Kellaway Avenue and Muller Road, the streets are peaceful, leafy and residential, with many spacious terraced and semi-detached properties from the Victorian and inter-war period. Property prices are generally lower than the Bristol average, and most homes come with generous front and rear gardens, too. There are not too many smaller flats or apartments, but house sharing is widely practised among students and young professionals in the area. 

Horfield easily caters for all types of homebuyer or tenant. There are some excellent large detached properties near Horfield Common, while the southern end of Muller Road has some affordable and accessible, homes. Whether a retired couple, a young family, a busy professional or a student, Horfield has enough choice, character, charm and amenities to keep you more than happy. 

It’s not yet a fashionable area, but the signs are that Horfield will soon be the next ‘up and coming’ hotspot of north Bristol, so get in there now, before the hipsters flood in and hike up the prices, if not their trousers….