Alexander May provide a letting service from all both branches and cover the whole of Bristol and North Somerset, some cases beyond.
We have a dedicated lettings team headed by a lettings manager. The team can be contacted on lettings@alexandermay.co.uk or 01179744766.

We believe that you choosing us to act as your agent is a privilege. It is important to us that you understand what we will be doing to rent your property and the service you should expect from us. Our process is also designed to give the client maximum feedback and full compliance. To this end we have listed what you can expect when you instruct Alexander May.



Our lettings service provides a flexible and friendly approach to letting your property. Alexander May staff are professional and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the letting service. Generally our services fall into the following categories:


Services for Lettings

1 Tenant Find Service

1.1 Recommending and agreeing with the Landlord an achievable market rent to be sought.

1.2 Advertising in office window, local press and our own website, Zoopla, Rightmove.co.uk Carrying out viewings with potential tenants and negotiating rent and tenancy.

1.3 Taking a holding deposit from tenants and taking up references from a Credit Referencing Agency.

1.4 Organising an inventory, gas safety report, electrical safety report, energy performance certificate as required (to be charged to the landlord).

1.5 Preparing a Tenancy Agreement in accordance with the Housing Act 1988 and meeting with the tenants to sign the agreement.

1.6 Preparing a standing order mandate for future rent payments for the tenant to sign.

1.7 Providing the tenant with the landlord’s contact information and utility providers.

1.8 Taking the first month’s rent and tenancy bond in cleared funds.

1.9 Providing the landlord with a copy of the tenancy agreement, tenants contact details, inventory and meter readings.

1.10 Registering the deposit with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) and providing the tenants with deposit reference as required.

1.11 Transferring the rent to the Landlord by BACS no later than one week after check in, after deduction of agent’s fees and any other agreed costs such as inventory and gas safety report.

1.12 Providing a statement by email or post as required.

2 Full Management Service

In addition to the Tenant Find and Rent Collection service, we will provide the following:

2.1 After check in, contacting the service providers and local authority with details of new tenants and providing meter readings where required.

2.2 Being the first point of contact for the tenant with regard to maintenance issues.

2.3 Visiting the property three times per year at set times in order to appraise the general condition of the property. A written report of the findings will be sent to the landlord and the tenant.

The landlord will be advised of any remedial action required.

2.4 Organising minor routine repairs to a value not exceeding £200.00, and costs deducted from the following months rent collected from the tenant.

2.5 Informing and taking the landlord’s instructions on repairs of a major or more serious nature above £200.00 unless emergency repairs are necessary to prevent an escalation of damage to the property, to the health and safety of the tenant, or to allow the landlord to comply with statutory obligations.

2.6 Collection of rent and payment to landlord without delay but certainly with 7 days of receipt.

2.7 Advising landlord of any unpaid rent. We will chase rents where required but any action and cost to recover rent will need to be agreed with landlord.

3 Renewal at the end of the term

3.1 Negotiating a renewal with the tenant, acting on behalf of the landlord to obtain the optimum rent, preparing the extension document and arranging for the tenant to sign the documentation.

3.2 Updating the DPS with the renewal dates as required.

3.3 Providing copies of documentation to the landlord.

3.4 The charge for this is £75.00 plus VAT normally borne by the tenant.

3.5 Advising the landlord when a tenant is to leave a property and putting it back on the market to find a new tenant as soon as possible to avoid void periods.


Alexander May Lettings Fees

At Alexander May, we try our best to make all of our fees as simple and transparent as possible so that you can compare the true cost of our services in comparison to other agents and therefore make an informed decision on how best to proceed. However, in some instances it may not be possible to calculate the fees applicable to a particular application from our standard fee schedule in the event of unusual circumstances. Our advisors will always be able to provide you with a clear breakdown of the fees for your particular circumstances upon request, prior to you wishing to view or make an offer on a property to let. Please feel free to contact us to query any item within our fee schedule below.

Tenants Schedule of Fees

Our administration fee Includes referencing of all tenants, administration, credit check and preparing the tenancy agreement. Please note property is only secured when this amount is paid. This fee is non refundable.

If there is more than one tenant who will be responsible for paying the rent, they will also need to be credit checked and referenced accordingly.

In some instances a guarantor may be required in order for a landlord to approve a tenancy. This could be because the proposed tenant does not have sufficient income to pass the affordability test of the reference and are relying on supplementary income from other sources (e.g. Students). It is within the Landlords discretion to allow a proposed tenant to allow a Guarantor to underwrite a tenancy in the event of a failed reference/credit check. Guarantors must be a homeowner and have lived in the UK for at least 3 years. Where there are multiple guarantors, for example in shared accommodation, the guarantor agreement and credit check fee applies to each tenant.

The cost of preparing the tenancy agreement for the tenancy is included within the administration fee per tenancy as detailed above.

The inventory and schedule of condition is the document which sets out the list of contents, internal structure and condition of items within the property. It is this document that will form the basis of the end of tenancy check out and dilapidations report. It therefore protects both the landlord and tenant from claims for damages which may or may not have occurred and is therefore essential in the unfortunate event of a dispute. The landlord covers the cost of the document preparation and check in charge and the tenant is expected to cover the cost of the check-out charge. This can be paid or deducted from the security deposit held by the landlord or landlord’s agent. The fee for the check – out depends on the rental amount of the property.

You will either renew your tenancy at the end of its term or vacate the property. Alexander May do not support rolling contracts

This will be added should any landlord agree to pets at their property and should you bring a pet to the property. Pets may also incur additional deposit sum.

Further Information

We are pleased to provide a fee schedule breakdown and summary of move in costs for your chosen property and particular circumstances, prior to any formal commitment