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April Newsletter


In this month's newsletter, we start by looking at what has changed because of the pandemic, how more people have been able to enter the property market, news of stamp duty and vaccine rush, and everything you need to know about investing in a buy-to-let property.
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The key trends we have noticed during the pandemic 

A year of being homebound has given us a lot of time to reflect on what's important in our personal and professional lives, and we've seen a huge shift in attitudes within the property sector too.

Lockdown helped third of UK homebuyers get onto property ladder

According to new research, a third of UK home buyers have been helped onto the property ladder due to the national lockdown, with 27% of recent home buyers stating that the restrictions actually enabled them to save for their new home.

Residential transactions 23% higher due to stamp duty and vaccine news

As transaction numbers increase month-on-month, we're able to see just how strong the market is, having shown tremendous resilience so far during the pandemic.



What you need to know when investing in a buy-to-let property

Property has always been a dependable investment option, with successful landlords able to set up their rentals to run like clockwork whilst benefitting from an additional source of income.
Before considering your first step, read these key considerations.

Pear Tree Avenue, Long Ashton

Located in a prime position on the popular development this four-bedroom detached family home has a light and airy feel and is well presented throughout.
Guide price: £620,000

Ambrose Road, Cliftonwood

A stunning four-bedroom, 2 reception mid-terrace Victorian townhouse with private, southerly facing rear garden and balcony offering panoramic views.
Guide price: £825,000

March Newsletter

In this month's edition, we will be touching on how much buyers have saved with the Stamp Duty Holiday savings, why virtual viewings surged in January, some good news for first-time buyers, and do tenants and landlords really get on? 

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750,000 buyers have seen stamp duty savings so far

It's been estimated that 600,000 homebuyers agreeing a sale from May 2020 onwards will not pay any stamp duty at all and are set to be saving £5 billion in total.

Following news of the stamp duty extension, what can buyers and investors expect over the next few months?

Why did virtual viewings surge in January?

Whereas initially a prospective buyer might select a number of properties to visit in-person, those decisions are now being made more and more commonly online.

Read the full update on how virtual viewings have changed the way we buy and sell property in the UK.

Good news for first-time buyers as lenders allow smaller deposits

Over the last 12 months, first-time buyers have found it more difficult to move forwards with their purchase plans.

Now that lenders have begun to re-introduce their 10% deposits, the current situation is looking up for new homeowners.

How many tenants have a good relationship with their landlord?

According to a recent survey, around 75% of tenants reported having a good relationship with their landlord and letting agent.

What are the main issues and conflicts between the two parties?


Welcome to this month's newsletter, we will be sharing with you the latest property news from around the UK.
We start by analysing the behaviour of homeowners with their needs to work from home, some tips on how you can speed up your home move, where the best universities are for buy-to-let investments and finally, common DIY mistakes that can sabotage your home from selling. 
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House-buying behaviour continues to be shaped by working from home

With the number of vaccine jabs administered in the UK now over 10 million, we can start to imagine a future beyond the pandemic.
How have the 'new norms' we've adopted over the last 12 months impacted our house-buying behaviour?

Tips to speed up your house move

As the stamp duty holiday reaches its deadline, a huge number of sales are being agreed.

What can you do to reduce delays and move things along?

Where are the best universities for a buy-to-let investment?

Whilst we've undergone a period of uncertainty, recent analysis would suggest that there is still hope for investors in student accommodation, as the demand for higher education and suitable housing is as high as ever.

Decorating mistakes that could stop your home from selling

With the property market seeing a lot of demand, sellers need to present their homes in the best possible light.
So, what are the decorating disasters that can affect your ability to sell?




Welcome to this month's newsletter, where we will be sharing with you the latest property news from around the UK.

We wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! This month we will touch on how you can understand the true value of your home, which room will get you the most value, the updated 'how to rent' guide for tenants and landlords, and finally, how you can beat the common January blues. 

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Your guide to understanding your property's value

Thinking about putting your property on the market in 2021?

For an agent's perspective of what that involves, read our article on putting your house up for sale. 

Which room in your home is the best value for money?

Whilst it might be the furthest thing from your mind right now, making home improvements is the perfect way to spend all of that extra time indoors.

So that you know where to concentrate your energy, we've outlined the rooms considered 'best value'.

The updated 'how to rent' guide for tenants and landlords

As a landlord, there are a number of legal requirements to be complied with prior to letting out a property.

One of these is to provide a copy of the Government issued 'How to Rent' checklist to all tenants when entering into and renewing an assured shorthold tenancy, which is the most common type of contractual letting agreement.

Steps to beat the January blues

With another lockdown keeping us indoors, it is understandably a difficult time for many of us.

To help you overcome this, we want to focus on realistic and achievable ways you can have a more successful start to the year.











Preparing your home for a viewing 

In their recent study, uncovered some interesting research on the property market to help sellers and their agents understand exactly what stands out to UK homebuyers. 

Using eye-tracking technology, they were able to precisely monitor engagement during viewings, which establishes whether the core USPs you think your home possesses truly matter to potential buyers. Here are some things you might want to consider;


As we approach winter, it will be high on people’s priority lists to check if there is cost-effective and efficient heating throughout the house.
If you have viewings booked, consider turning on your heating before they arrive; not only to ensure a warm, cosy environment but as a way of showcasing your radiators are fully functional.

Access to the garden 

Not having easy access to a garden can be off-putting to buyers – especially after the year we have had.
For this reason, a lot of people are now looking for homes with extra outdoor space, so make sure the garden is accessible and well presented.

Water pressure 

Another thing that people do when viewing the kitchen is turning on the tap to check for any faults with your water pressure and / or plumbing.
Is your water pressure to normal standards or do you need to have your plumber look it over?
As a key room for homeowners, potential buyers are extra vigilant in this section of the property, meaning it’s important to keep your tap limescale free and wiped down with baby oil for an added shiny finish.

Cupboard doors 
Another thing viewers look out for when in the kitchen is the quality of the cupboards.
Replacing items in the kitchen usually comes with a hefty price tag, which can be a big factor for buyers. Make sure your cupboard doors are screwed on tightly and wiped down.

The oven 
Viewers tend to look at the oven to see if it is operational. Make sure it is clean and avoid cooking anything too smelly before the viewing takes place. Ensure the hobs and trays are as clean as possible too!
Following their study, Head of Mortgages at comparethemarket – Mark Gordon – commented: “UK house prices are currently on the up and with the stamp duty holiday prompting more buyers to get on the property market, it’s a competitive time for homeowners looking to sell their home.

“We conducted this experiment to determine the areas of the home that buyers look at most to help sellers maximise their chances of a sale. Some sellers may not have considered these factors when preparing their homes for viewings, so we hope our insight will help them focus on the areas they should check and freshen up.”
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