Alexander May work exclusively with a whole of market IFA (Independent Financial Advisors) to find our buyers the best value and best suited mortgage available. Our IFA's are trusted and work well alongside our team to achieve any type of funding required. This referral is made in-house and ensures that wherever possible finance will be available for your desired home. This service also helps our clients to secure buyers in some cases. Feel free to use the mortgage calculator, but for a free and full appraisal for likely funding relevant to your circumstances please fill in the contact form below.



The solicitor managing your sale or purchase is probably the most important person in any transaction. It is not just about the cost (although this is important) but about speed, accuracy and information as sales and purchase progression is affected by these factors. Alexander May will arrange a solicitor on your behalf who has been tried and tested. From our office we will obtain a quotation for the work and get the transaction underway immediately. This is invaluable to both seller and buyer. We have a number of companies we use and in most cases we obtain below market rates for our clients and purchasers.



Whether you need to know if a property is correctly valued or expert advice on a properties condition Alexander May will refer you to an independent but competitively priced building surveyor. In our experience this can also help with planning advice, advice on proposed alterations or potential of any property. Again we manage the referral, pricing and scope to ensure you get the information that is required.



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