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Since our inception and arrival on the Bristol Estate Agents scene in 2008, Alexander May has always approached things a little differently. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and clear advice. All our local staff love North and South Bristol as well as the surrounding areas of North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, and have an in-depth knowledge of the property market in these areas.

We are property professionals who not only have a clear understanding of the regional market, but we also implement state of the art property technology. Our technology and comprehensive approach ensure that we are marketing your property to an international and national market as well as regionally and locally.

We may be using the latest technology, but we still understand that our friendly and knowledgeable staff is what makes Alexander May stand out. We are very much a people company, and you will be looked after by a manager who will be able to give you personalised advice, whenever you need it. We combine this personal approach with great locations, tailored marketing and great use of current technologies to provide outstanding service and results for you.

One of a new breed of forward thinking agents we can show you how we will achieve your property goals. Fiercely independent, honest and results driven, Alexander May is one of the most reputable estate agents across the area, from Southville and Clifton to Somerset and Gloucestershire.

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The Process

Whether this is your first experience selling or letting with our Bristol Estate Agents, or if you are a seasoned property buyer or investor, our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for you.  From our South Bristol Estate Agents to our Clifton offices, we’ll make sure we keep you fully and honestly informed at each step.


There are many facets to a property valuation; what is important is that you are fully briefed on all of them. No two properties are the same, nor are any two valuations. The manager tasked with providing you with a detailed valuation will take the time to fully understand your property and your needs. Then, they will consider a number of key factors (depending on the property) as well as accessing data exclusive to Alexander May before providing you with a full and detailed valuation.  (Link to Valuation Page) Our Estate Agents know how important location is in regards to price, and all have a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the area, from our Estate Agents in Long Ashton, North Street or Clifton. 


Together, we agree on an appropriate marketing strategy. This will include a whole manner of different options available to us to best reach your target audience and achieve your desired outcome. Whether you are at our Clifton Estate Agents and looking to sell to city professionals who can move in immediately,  at our North Somerset office with a view to sell to chain-free buyers who are ready to take on a renovation project, or at our North Street Estate Agents looking to let your property, we can create a strategy that works for you. 

Using data and technology not offered by all Bristol and North Somerset Estate Agents, our marketing strategy will draw from our extensive knowledge of the local market (specifically Clifton, South Bristol and the surrounding areas), our targeted property technology and from analysis of our exclusive database. In this way, we put your property in the best light possible, and get it seen by the target market you require. 

Good presentation is paramount. Take a look at some examples here.

Once your property is on the market either to sell or let, we’ll continue to deal with your property in a proactive manner. From our Bristol, Southville or Long Ashton Estate Agents, we will contact you on a regular basis to discuss how much interest your property has experienced, as well as feedback from the property launch and viewings.

We monitor interest levels so we can give honest advice. By also supplying you with feedback from viewings, we can look at possible improvements we can make to your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers or renters. 


One very important aspect of our service is our commitment to 100% fully accompanied viewings. This means we will always be present during a viewing to help highlight the positive features of your home, as well as answering any questions the viewer has. From experience, we know that providing this service increases trust from the viewers’ perspective and allows us to better put your property in the best light. 

We know viewings can be disruptive if you are currently living in the property, so wherever we can, we use technology to carry out virtual viewings and showcase short video viewings to ensure the selling or letting process is as uncomplicated as possible. 


Communication is key with the buying process and that is never more important than the conveyancing process. We are here to proactively deal with any issue that arises on your behalf and with your help and input. We also ensure the process is carried out in a timely manner. 

Sales progression relies on good knowledge of the property industry as a whole, and our Estate Agents in Clifton, North Street and Long Ashton both have a wealth of knowledge in this area.

That means we can take the strain where this is concerned, but while always keeping you fully informed of what we are doing and why we are doing it. 

Transparency is key in our communication with our clients, and our Bristol Estate Agents have years of experience to help explain our process and answer any questions you have. 


Alexander May’s North Somerset and Bristol Estate Agents work exclusively with a host of whole market IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors) to find our buyers and sellers a mortgage that is not only the best value, but also the most suitable for your individual needs. 

Our IFAs are trusted and work well alongside our team to achieve any type of funding required. This referral is made in-house and ensures that wherever possible, finance will be available for your desired home. This service also helps our clients to secure buyers in some cases. 

Feel free to contact us at our Bristol Estate Agent offices if you have enquiries. 


The solicitor managing your sale or purchase is probably the most important person in any transaction. It is not just about the cost (although this is still important) but about speed, accuracy and access to information. Sales and purchases are affected by these factors in multiple ways, so it’s important that we get this part right. 
Alexander May will arrange a solicitor on your behalf who has been tried and tested by our knowledgeable team.  We have a number of companies we use and in most cases we obtain below market rates for our clients and purchasers. 

From our Bristol Estate Agents office we will obtain a quotation for the work from the experienced solicitor, and ensure that the transaction gets underway immediately. This speed and efficiency is invaluable to both seller and buyer.


Whether you need to know if a property is correctly valued or if you need expert advice on a property's condition, Alexander May will refer you to an independent but competitively priced building surveyor. In our experience, our surveyors can also help with planning advice, advice on proposed alterations or potential of any property. Again, from our Clifton, North Street or Long Ashton Estate Agents office, we manage the referral, pricing and scope to ensure you get the information that is required.

In the interests of transparency, we will always make it clear if we are paid a fee for recommending any services.

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