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Alexander May Land & New Homes

Alexander May Land and New Homes Bristol department provides a specialist service for land and new homes enquiries. This includes land owners, commercial property owners, regional and national developers of any size, as well as independent developers who may not normally be able to access this level of service on the budget allowed. 

To think of this as simply selling new homes or land would be to not fully understand our offering and why it is so different. Please read on to find out more about our detailed offerings...

Alexander May directors have an in-depth background in property development. We have been on both sides of the fence and have tailored our services to simply add value to anything we touch with the extent of our experience and knowledge. Couple this with what we can deliver as an Bristol Estate agency and you can see that we can provide a service unparalleled by any other agency. 

Speak with us:

If you are looking to explore your land and potential
If you are looking to sell any newly built homes or homes under construction
If you are seeking a land and new homes partner with for your development
If you are a developer looking for new development opportunities
If you are just looking for advice

As a Land and New Homes specialist we have the following at our (and therefore your) disposal. This may only be part of the service we offer as we are totally flexible in our approach and your needs.

  • Help and assistance with preparing and completing a full development plan including build costs, margins and budgets.
  • Full marketing plan to help achieve objectives fast including reporting directly to funders and bank if required.
  • Funding partners, we work individuals, developers and funders on anything form JVs to straight development finance. Our partners would look at developments on merit. One partner lent £100m last year to SME developers.
  • Interior design to maximise GDV
  • CGI’s Fly throughs movies and virtual viewings (see example below) 
  • Microsites. Specific website for each development. Here is an example. or
  • Full social media campaigns.
  • International, National and Local audiences depending on need 
  • Achieve objectives such as off plan sales with maximum speed and GDV.
  • Access to any sites we may be offered in future, many off market.
  • Planning consultants for any advice.
  • Advice on what to build (development type) to achieve best and fastest GDV.
  • Land sales with proven track record.
  • New Home Bristol sales with proven track record including part exchanges, help to buy etc.

Here is an example of a virtual viewing of a new build

Listen to our Customers

All enquiries for Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0117 4523680