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Fit for a King

If this description seems unusually specific, that’s because Kingsdown itself is an intensely specific area. There’s no room here for broad, sweeping generalisations, partly because Kingsdown is so small, but mainly because it is so distinct: this is bonafide University of Bristol territory, with the majority of residents here either students, alumni or staff of the university.

Kingsdown’s location astride Kingsdown Ridge has shaped a district that feels removed from the nearby city centre and Stokes Croft by virtue of gravity: steep hills separate the heart of Kingsdown (at the top) with its downstairs neighbours, so while the area ostensibly sits alongside Stokes Croft, it feels more in tune with Clifton and Redland, both of which are a fair walk away. The architecture helps; Regency splendour dominates, with every street lined with attractive Georgian buildings that have long since been converted into flats for the city’s student population.

However, you will also be right in the heart of one of the hippest, friendliest and most convenient communities in the city. Kingsdown is, first and foremost, beautiful: it combines the best architecture in the city with some of the finest views, so if you’re a keen lover of striking cityscapes, there’s nowhere better. Furthermore, the area’s proximity to the stores of Cabot Circus, the buzz of Stokes Croft, the sophistication of Redland, the bars of Clifton and the restaurants of Cotham make it an ideal spot for those who love to elicit leisure and pleasure from their daily existence.
Property prices are among the highest in the city, although rental rates are slightly lower than those found in Redland and Clifton. If you are looking to rent, expect single glazed homes that deliver an abundance of space and charm. There are few ‘new’ properties here: life in Kingsdown is all about character and style, so if you’re prepared to wear an extra layer or two in winter, then dive right.

Most apartments are of the two-bedroom variety, making Kingsdown a popular location for house sharers and young professionals – the immediate proximity of Bristol Royal Infirmary and the many offices of the city centre attract a professional crowd, and the lovely cafes, bars, restaurants and boutiques keep them happy and entertained at the weekends. It’s that sort of place, and all the better for knowing it. Just make sure you adopt the Kingsdown saunter, and you’ll fit right in…